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UPTM: Brand Guidelines Built and Applied

Clear brand guidelines give this parts supplier a marketing lift.

UPTM – say “uptime” – does what its name indicates: supplies parts to keep industrial equipment up and running. Though UPTM had a logotype in place, it sought brand guidelines to establish identity standards, and also needed collateral pieces focusing on products and services. Enter the brand team at A.M. Design Group to help deliver on both.

Playing off the UPTM logo and client wish to echo the logo’s industrial look, A.M. Design’s pros took on building a set of brand guidelines to cover a range of marketing and identity needs. Next, they applied those guidelines to specific print and digital projects. The resulting outcomes defined – and applied — the brand identity, and were well received by the client.

Good branding is more than just a logo; it’s also a blueprint for consistent identity across an organization. Click here to tell us about your needs.

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