Materion Catalogue

Reflecting the Brand Standard

Materion Corporation

Brand standards coalesce a company’s various communication genres into a cohesive whole, making them easily recognizable to audiences. Materion Corporation – a leader in advanced materials — had recently updated its branding to accomplish just that, but came to A.M. Design with a request: Though the new standards addressed a range of marketing elements, there was no specific directive for catalogs – and an updated, brand-compliant catalog was needed. Could A.M. Design help?

The A.M. Design team dug in, translating branding guidelines to fit the 24-page microelectronic packaging materials catalog, then applying them to create an appealing mix of graphic elements and product details. Materion was pleased with the finished design, which presented clear product information while respecting the new brand standards.

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Materion Corporation
Catalog Design and Layout