Tri-C Spring Commencement Book

Cuyahoga Community College Commencement

Memorable Design for a Memorable Event

Each year, graduates of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) move from student to real life in commencement ceremonies that celebrate their transition. To mark the occasion, marketing professionals at Tri-C turned to the creative team at A.M. Design Group to craft a custom-designed commencement program that would serve as a cherished keepsake for graduating students and their families and friends, as well as Tri-C faculty and staff.

Working within Tri-C brand guidelines, A.M. Design Group’s print design crew developed several options for the program cover, then collaborated with Tri-C staff to shape the final look. Cover elements were carried through and incorporated into the remainder of the program to create design continuity and further enhance to program’s keepsake quality.

When you’re seeking memorable design for your next print project, contact the A.M. Design Group team. We deliver creative that resonates.

Cuyahoga Community College
Design, Layout, Print Production Direction